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US News Express, December 7, 2018: 2018 OCVA Trade Show was Held at the Disneyland Resort 


BU Alumni Association, September 19, 2018: Raising A Glass To The Man Behind Fuller’s BU Pub


Travel News, 2018: High-end destinations Southern California Orange County China market enters second-tier cities




Trade Arabia, June 24, 2018: Orange County eyes Middle East tourist market


Orange County Business Journal, May 28, 2018: Tourism Special Report


Orange County Business Journal, May 7, 2018: Data Backs OCVA View


Orange County Register, April 16, 2018: Status Update: Tourism spending hits record $12.5 billion; paper shredding event ahead


CNBCAfrica, August 4, 2011: Marriott International’s Africa Strategy with Ed Fuller


Orange County Business Journal, April 11, 2018: Tourism Spend Tops $12.5B


Orange County Visitors Association, April 11, 2018: Orange County tourism up for the fourth straight year


Ed Fuller HSMAI Lifetime Achievement Award, February 20, 2018: Ed Fuller Lifetime Achievement Video


Cision PRWeb, January 25, 2018: HSMAI Recognizes Lifetime Achievements Of Ed Fuller And Terry Gallagher




Airport Revenue News, Vol. 16 Issue 195-6, December 2017: SNA Facility Upgrades


Forbes, December 17, 2017: Thailand: The Land of Smiles is Still Smiling After all These Years


Orange County Business Journal, December 17, 2017: 8 reasons why tourism matters in Orange County


Orange County Business Journal, November 17, 2017: Study: OC Tourism a $20.5B Business


Forbes, November 13, 2017: Chinese Students Are A Win-Win For U.S. Tourism  


Forbes, November 1, 2017: The U.S. Is In Danger of Killing Our Tourism Golden Goose  


Forbes, October 2, 2017: China’s Crown Jewel: The Pearl River Delta


Marquis Radio, August 2017: One-on-One Interview with Ed Fuller


Forbes, July 12, 2017: Tourism Remains Resilient in Face of Global Terrorism


Forbes, June 26, 2017: Why the US Budget Ax Must Spare Brand USA


Forbes, May 16, 2017: International Visitors – Good for Our Trade Balance and Great for American Jobs


Orange County Register, May 15, 2017: Is the Political Climate Hurting California’s Tourism Industry? Groups Roll Out International Welcome Mat


Orange County Business Journal, May 8, 2017: OC Visitor Spending Tops $12B in 2016


Forbes, April 21, 207: Preserving our Open Skies Policy is now more Important than Ever


Forbes, April 5, 2017: Heritage Tourism: It All Probably Began With Cleopatra


Forbes, March 27, 2017: China is Now the World’s Largest Source of Outbound Hotel Investment


Forbes, March 14, 2017: How India Has Become A Booming Supplier Of Outbound Tourists


Forbes, January 19, 2017: How The Trump Administration Can Improve Travel For U.S. Residents And Visitors Alike


Forbes, December 30, 2016: How to Plan for a Successful ‘Second Act’ in Retirement

Forbes, December 8, 2016: Chinese Investments in US Hotels Accelerates with HNA Groups 25% Stake in Hilton Worldwide

Forbes, November 21, 2016: Myanmar: Asia’s Last Natural Frontier

Forbes, October 10, 2016: Technology is Propelling the Travel Industry Into A Jetson’s-Like Future

Forbes, September 7, 2016: Vietnam Poised to Be Asia’s Next Economic Tiger

Forbes, August 15, 2016: What China’s U.S. Buying Spree Means for the Future of Hospitality

Forbes, July 13, 2016: China Continues to Set the Pace of Global Tourism

Forbes, June 27, 2016: Here We Go Again: The Global Nationalism Wave Gains Force With Brexit

Forbes, May 30, 2016: Corruption — Still a Global Blight After All These Years

Orange County Business Journal, May 11, 2016: OCVA to Nab China MICE

Orange County Register, May 5, 2016: Hold On, Orange County! The Tourists are Rolling In

Orange County Register, May 2, 2016: Tourists in Orange County Spent $11 Billion in 2015 Visiting Attractions, Eating Out, Staying in Hotels

Forbes, April 15, 2016: Nationalism: Back Again Like A Bad Dream

Orange County Business Journal, March 21, 2016: A Tale of 2 Offices as OCVA Arrives in Japan, India

Orange County Business Journal, March 14, 2016: Destination Marketer Zooms in on China

Forbes, March 25, 2016: Let’s Keep Our Skies Open: Update

Forbes, February 17, 2016: Use Your Paid Time Off: It’s Good for You, Your Company and Our Country

Gulf Today, February 16, 2016: OVCA Introduces Tourism Package for ME Travelers

Orange County Business Journal, February 15, 2016: OCVA to Set Up Shop in India, Japan


Forbes, November 3, 2015: Enticing International Travelers to Visit Pays Off, But Much More is Possible With Continued Action

Forbes, October 5, 2015: “I’ll See You in Court!”

Forbes, September 10, 2015: India: Asia’s Next Economic Dynamo?

Forbes, August 24, 2015: After Currency Moves, Don’t Count the Chinese Out

Forbes, July 22, 2015: Learn Their Culture & Win

Forbes, June 30, 2015: The Time is Now to Designate JWA a US Port of Entry

Orange County Visitors Association, June 2015: GCC Report

Orange County Visitors Association, July 10, 2015: Welcoming Middle Eastern Visitors to Orange County

Orange County Business Journal, June 15, 2015: Travel Groups Gain Ground on Middle East Push, June 7, 2015: California tourism chief backs Gulf carriers in Open Skies row, June 4, 2015: Orange County Tourism Says US Needs Gulf Carriers

Forbes, June 4, 2015: Surging Chinese Investment Has Widespread Global Impact, Especially Hospitality Industry

Trade Arabia, June 3, 2015: Orange County Confirms Support for Open Skies

Emirates News, May 25, 2015: Ed Fuller Interview with Greg Fairlie

San Diego Business Journal, May 18, 2015: An Infomercial could be in Inventor’s Future

Orange County Business Journal, May 11, 2015: OC 50 (Profile on Edwin Fuller)

Orange County Business Journal, May 11, 2015: OVCA Books Ctrip to Push Local Brand in China

Forbes, May 11, 2015: Let’s Keep Our Skies Open

Forbes, May 6, 2015: It’s All Good News From The World’s Travel & Tourism Industry For The Next 20 Years

Forbes, April 20, 2015: History – Who Needs It?

Forbes, February 14, 2015: Chinese Travel to US Accelerates Dramatically / President Obama’s Visa Policy Promises Further Growth

Global Hotel Network, February, 2015: China Sends Its Sea Turtles Abroad as Its Hotel Brands Begin to Globalize

Forbes, January 20, 2015: American-styled Democracy may not be for Everyone

Forbes, January 6, 2015: Traveler Safety is Everybody’s Business

Forbes, December 16, 2014: Surging Chinese Investment Overseas Has Widespread Global Impact, Especially for the Hospitality Industry

Forbes, December 1, 2014: Transformational Tidal Wave Now Taking Shape in Emerging Markets Will Economically Change Our World

Forbes, November 20, 2014: The Chinese Tourists Are Coming En Masse

China Daily, October 21, 2014: Ex-Marriott President Cites Importance of Trust in Business

Forbes, October 15, 2014: Effective, Successful Leadership – Walk the Talk if You Want to Lead

Orange County Register, October 8, 2014: Chinese Etiquette: There’s a Video for That

Orange County Visitor Association YouTube, September, 2014: Orange County Visitor Association China Ready Training

Forbes, September 15, 2014: Let’s Celebrate Global Tourism’s Contributions on September 27 – World Tourism Day

Global Hotel Network, August 2014: As Hotel Industry Business Model Evolves…Who Wins and Who Loses?

Forbes, August 6, 2014: Illegal Vs. Legal Immigration Is A Global Issue

Forbes, July 17, 2014: Know The History And Culture: Your Keys To Getting It Right Overseas

Top Hotel Middle East, July/August 2014: Orange County – The Best of the USA

Orange County Register, July 10, 2014: Orange County Visitors Association Restructures, Looks Abroad

Forbes, June 23, 2014: In China, Dining Is Where ‘Guanxi’ Grows

Orange County Business Journal, June 4, 2014: Tourism Promoter Plans Offices in Mexico

Forbes, May 2014: Sea Turtles: Linking China’s Future to the World

Orange County Business Journal, May 26, 2014: Coordinated Effort Taps Coveted China Meetings Market

All-China Women’s Federation (, May 2014: 7,000-strong Tour Group from China Breaks Record in US Trip

China News Service (, May 2014: Largest Chinese Group to Visit US Meets in California

Albayan, April 2014: OCVA Opens Third Office in Dubai

Travel Daily Media, April 2014: OCVA Forays into the Middle East

Dubai City Guide, April 2014: OCVA Selects The Gulf For Its Third Off Shore Office

DubaiEye 103.8FM Radio Talk Show, April 2014: Ed Fuller discusses The Orange County Visitors Association’s Dubai expansion

Gulf Today, April 2014: OCVA opens regional office in Dubai

Company News in Egypt, April 2014: OCVA Selects the Gulf for its Third Off Shore Office

Orange County Register, April 2014: Chinese Company to Bring 7,000 to O.C. for Conference

Travel Daily News Asia-Pacific, April 2014: Largest Chinese MICE group coming to Orange County, CA

The National Newspaper Abu Dhabi, April 2014: Suitors Wooing Arabian Gulf Tourists

Orange County Register, April 2014: Next Site for O.C. Tourism Office: Dubai

Forbes, April 2014: Chinese Tourists are Pouring into Orange County: Are We Ready?

Global Hotel Network, March 2014: The Time Is Now for Our Industry, Its Future Leaders and Educators

Forbes, March 2014: Are We Losing Touch in this Age of Digital Communications?

Forbes, January 2014: Building Relationships That Stand The Test Of Time And Events (Good & Bad)

Global Hotel Network, January 2014: Chinese Travelers Are California Dreaming and You and Orange County Will Be the Beneficiaries

Orange County Business Journal, January 6, 2014: Ed Fuller Named Business Person of the Year: Hospitality

Marriott Career
A Tribute to Ed’s 40 Year Marriott Career Edwin D. Fuller Tribute Video

Hospitality Net: November, 2011 Edwin D. Fuller Named As 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Marriott News Center: September, 2011 Ed Fuller to Retire from Marriott; Led International Growth

Fox News: February, 2011 Chief of Marriott Mideast Division on Unrest in Egypt

Washington Post: February, 2011 The Buzz: Cooks and Housekeepers Save the Cairo Marriott

“You Can’t Lead With Your Feet on the Desk” News
The National: April, 2011 A Hotelier Who Knows Crisis